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What are Health Record Banks?

By providing a safe, secure location to automatically store all your health records, Health Record Banks are community organizations that put you in charge of all your personal, private health information.

Why are They Needed? Today, whenever you seek care, a record is left behind. Until now, there hasn't been a secure, unified location to store these records so that they can all be used to help guide your care.

How Do Health Record Banks Work? When you seek care, you give permission for your healthcare professional to access some or all of your up-to-date health records via a secure connection. When care is complete, the new records from that visit are securely deposited—and made available for the future.

How is my Privacy Protected? Only you and those healthcare professionals you designate can access any of your personal, private health records. You alone decide which records are visible to your healthcare provider. All data is stored securely using the strongest data encryption methods available today.

Who is the Health Record
Banking Alliance™?
We are a non-profit organization comprised of leading healthcare information technology professionals and organizations who are dedicated to promoting and supporting the development of health record banks.

What Can I Do? Share this site and videos with your friends. Contact your community leaders and representatives to request a health record bank in your region.

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